Why You Need ISC2 CSSLP Certification and How to Pass the Exam

Certified Secure Software Lifecycle Professional (CSSLP) certification exam, the premier security certification designed and administered by the International Systems Security Certification Consortium (ISC²). The CSSLP is the only certification in the industry created to prove an individual’s skill in incorporating security into each aspect of the software lifecycle — that will help reduce these threats.

Targeted Audience for CSSLP Certification

  • Software developers
  • Engineers and architects
  • Project managers
  • Software QA
  • QA testers
  • Business analysts and
  • The professionals who manage these stakeholders.


Domains Included in ISC2 CSSLP Certification Exam

  • Secure Software Concepts
  • Secure Software Architecture and Design
  • Secure Software Implementation
  • Secure Software Testing
  • Secure Software Lifecycle Management
  • Secure Software Deployment, Operations, Maintenance
  • Secure Software Supply Chain

Why Should You Go for ISC2 CSSLP Certification?

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CSSLP, Certified Secure Software Lifecycle Professional is an international certification comprising new government-, commercial-, and university-derived secure software development methods, and it is a natural addition to the CISSP certification!

  • Instant Credibility: The CSSLP confirms you’re a subject matter specialist in application security. It proves you have excellent skills for employers at a global scale, providing you more opportunities,
  • Relevant Distinct Knowledge: Obtaining the CSSLP is an excellent way to widen your software security understanding, along with confirming your skill. It provides continuing education, so you can retain your skills current and relevant.
  • Versatile Skills: The CSSLP isn’t product-specific, so you can easily apply your skills to different technologies and methodologies.

CSSLP — Recertification

Any ISC2 certification exam can be nerve-wracking, mainly if your career depends on it. With ISC2 certifications, professionals can confirm that they are skilled enough in one field. Here, we’d like you to uncover some useful points you can use to ensure you master the CSSLP exam domains. So which tactics can help you pass the exam with a flying score? Let’s explore them.

  • Research the About the CSSLP Exam
  • Begin with attentively researching the CSSLP exam
  • Prerequisites for taking the CSSLP exam
  • Test day requirements
  • Exam Structure and Domains Covered in the Exam

You don’t want there to be any confusion regarding the exam. The better prepared you are upfront, the more you’ll be able to concentrate on the sole task of cracking the exam.

Create a Study Plan

Never ignore Taking Notes

Get Engaged in Study Groups and Discussion Forums

Take CSSLP Practice Tests to Be Ready for the Exam

Taking full-length practice tests is necessary for another reason — it is not simple to sit at a place for three hours at a stretch with an entire focus on answering questions. It is actually a daunting and mentally stressful experience. Though, it is required to get to your CSSLP certification. You better get used to it before it is too late.

Take the Exam