Want to Learn JavaScript? Earn CIW JavaScript Specialist Certification

JavaScript is a high-level programming language, which is supports object-oriented and multi-paradigm, functional, and essential programming styles. It is fundamentally a client-side scripting language that is utilized in producing interactive effects among the web browsers. Profound knowledge of JavaScript is built through CIW JavaScript Specialist 1D0–735 certification for professionals to use in their careers in a web-based industry.

What is CIW JavaScript Specialist Certification?

Target Audience

  • Web developers
  • Application programmers
  • Software developers
  • Client/server developers
  • Desktop publishers

CIW JavaScript Specialist Certification Exam Details:

  • Code: 1D0–735
  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • Language: English
  • Passing Percentage: 70.91%

The CIW JavaScript Specialist Guarantees Certification the Owner Can:

2. Modify the Document Object Model

3. Control the program flow

4. Animate images

5. Validate forms

6. Communicate with databases

7. Change HTML

8. Create cookies

Is JavaScript Language the Future?

JavaScript is the major powerhouse behind the quickly growing Internet. The future is JavaScript. The uncontrolled development of the dynamic programming language claims to the fact that JavaScript is the future.

Why Learn JavaScript?

1. Easy to Pick Up

JavaScript is primarily used for frontend development, and various tools will allow you to get a working prototype with JavaScript rapidly. Though, you should first concentrate on acquiring a solid understanding of JavaScript before exploring what the community has to put forward.

2. Complicated

3. It’s Fun

The JavaScript ecosystem is developing so rapidly; JavaScript helps you to start small and to build on top by adding libraries to strengthen projects where you can do some surprisingly fascinating things.

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JavaScript also captivates the most active developer community, so you can never be tired of reading people’s code, jokes, and feedback!

4. It Makes You Very Employable

CIW JavaScript Specialist 1D0–735 Certification: Why Should You Earn Even If You Know the Language Already

JavaScript is an adaptable language, and there are many career paths you can choose to go down by specializing in a definite framework or even through commanding over pure JavaScript. The industry is full of opportunities, and for sure, they are booming.

It’s an ideal language to work as a stepping stone into learning other languages as you’ll already be familiar with the core basics, which is truly what hiring managers are looking for in their developers.

Most developer jobs as a junior or senior will need JavaScript skills at some point in their career.

5. Excellent Career Opportunities

If you want to use JavaScript for backend development, the US’s average salary for Node.js developers is about $98,962.

6. Future


You can relish all the benefits of learning JavaScript by passing the CIW JavaScript Specialist 1D0–735 certification exam. You will get expertise in new technologies and expand the range of your skills. It will help you to promote your career and to offer greater job opportunities.