Python PCAP Exam Time? Study Tips You’ll Be Thankful For

The PCAP (Certified Associate in Python Programming) is a certification that confirms your skills in python coding techniques, object-oriented programming — its basics & concepts.

The exam proves your knowledge about general computer programming concepts as language syntax, loops, runtime environment, conditional execution, object-oriented programming, general coding methods & much more.

This PCAP certification is the epitome of the fact that you have gathered all the knowledge neeed for Python 3 & are about to begin your career as a software developer.

Python Institute Certified Associate in Python Programming, PCAP Certification Exam Details:

  • PCAP Python Certification Cost — USD 295
  • Exam Questions — 40 Questions
  • Exam Duration — 65 minutes
  • Question Format — Multiple-choice & single-choice questions.
  • Level — Associate

PCAP Exam: Important Steps to Pass the Exam

#1. Begin With a Solid Study Plan

  • Modules and Packages
  • Exceptions
  • Strings
  • Object-Oriented Programming
  • Miscellaneous (List Comprehensions, Lambdas, Closures, and I/O Operations)

It is essential that you study all of them as per the plan: difficult topics are the first to learn and the easiest ones can be studied later.

#2. Explore Relevant Study Resources

#3. Take Advantage of All Available Study Materials

You may also study from videos that includes exam tips, details of exam, sample questions and much more.

#4. Take PCAP Practice Tests

When you do not have access to your books, you can begin watching videos online about the different topics included in the PCAP exam. Always learn from videos from reliable sources so that the knowledge that you obtain is appropriate and reliable. It is good to watch a video at least a several times before putting what you have studied into practice.

#5. Join in an Online Community

#6. Relax

Additional Tips for PCAP Exam Preparation

  • Stay positive
  • Get Organized
  • Set priorities
  • Do not hesitate to ask for help
  • Track time during the exam
  • Never Give Up


Follow the above steps to excel in your PCAP-31–03 certification exam and prove that you are a sincere professional. In all these tips, the important factor is discipline and commitment. Also, feel free to use PCAP practice tests, and you will succeed!