Make Yourself Marketable as a DevOps Engineer With AZ-400 Certification

Among Microsoft’s extensive choices of certification exams, passing the AZ-400 exam is required if you’re planning on becoming a Microsoft DevOps Engineer Expert. It assesses your knowledge on technical DevOps facets like implementing policies for constant integration and delivery along with steering collaboration and communication. These also involve your mastery in devising security plans to set up site security.

Earning the Microsoft Azure DevOps Solutions certification is a big decision as it takes a portion of your time to study for the AZ-400 exam. On top of that, it is costly because you won’t just be completing one assessment. AZ-400 comes with specific prerequisite credentials, either an accreditation as an Azure Developer Associate (AZ-204) or an Azure Administrator Associate (AZ-104). On the promising side, earning the certification offers you more significant opportunities and projects. Keep on reading this article to know what career-changing advantages await when you successfully attain that passing mark.

Advantages of Microsoft AZ-400 Certification

1. Unlock Better Work Opportunities

The most significant benefit of passing the exam is becoming an Aaron T. Endeavors. Work opportunities that could only be awarded to certificate holders before are now within your reach. More organizations are embracing DevOps practices, which makes today the best time for job-seeking certified engineers. As the rift expands between certified and non-certified professionals, you should hit your move now, specifically with the increasing competitiveness in the job market. U will be on the outlook for certified professionals to strengthen their workforce and convey high performance.

2. Strengthen Knowledge and Skills With Experience

DevOps concepts refer to different aspects of a solution, breaking down its development and testing to deployment and quality assurance. To be able to promote such, a core understanding of each functional group will be important. As you initiate taking on engineering expert projects, your focus on the subject matter must involve both the technical and business side.

3. Help Achieve the Organization’s Output Objectives

The Microsoft Certified: DevOps Engineer Expert certification not just rewards your career but also fetches a substantial gain to your organization. Having a certified professional will allow organizations to explore new portions of the market and create new alluring business models only achievable with DevOps. Your success will translate to the organization’s positive outcomes resulting in positive market shares and lucrativeness.

4. Salary Hike

In this era of expeditious software development, more thought and practice have been put into achieving reliable solutions while still satisfying the highest standards of security and quality. Because DevOps engineers have mastered agile methods and the capability to produce quick and secure outcomes, they are now one of the most sought out and highly paid IT professionals.

How to Crack the Microsoft Azure DevOps Solutions AZ-400 exam?

This section will highlight the top tips you can follow to enhance your performance in the certification exam. Every student’s learning style may differ, but you can follow the directions below irrespective of your preferences. Let’s ultimately look at the options you may use.

1. Get Familiar with the AZ-400 Exam Details

Understanding what the exam involves will significantly help you understand how to study for it. To take the exam, the candidates must satisfy the prerequisite, first obtaining the Azure Developer Associate or Azure Administrator Associate certifications. This is a 150-minute exam with about 60 questions to be answered in Simplified Chinese, English. The candidates can pick their preferred language at the registration point. The fee is $165.

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2. Obtain the Exam Syllabus Topics

The exam blueprint comprises the skill content of the certification exam. Microsoft AZ-400 exam objectives can be obtained from the Microsoft official webpage for this certification. You must thoroughly understand the exam objectives to understand the areas that will be assessed in the trial. Microsoft AZ-400 will gauge the following skill areas:

3. Obtain Your Study Materials Mindfully

Microsoft AZ-400 is a moderately new exam, but you will find many study resources to help you prepare. To begin with, visit the Microsoft website and explore the available resources. Check out recommended books and periodicals, Microsoft documentation, and enroll in instructor-led training courses. You will also find extra prep tools online.

4. Take Up AZ-400 Practice Tests

You can remarkably improve your scores with the AZ-400 practice tests. Many reputable online training platforms offer these resources. Check them out, and take the time to work through these materials before you try the exam.


Knowing the Microsoft AZ-400 exam structure and its content is significant to your success in the entire certification process. Hence, you need to mindfully select your resources and make the best of the study resources available on the official web page.