Have You Consider Getting a CIW Site Development Associate Certification

The CIW Site Development Associate certification is intended to measure general HTML and CSS skills, moreover, understanding of client/server interactions and technologies encountered in dynamic websites.

Professionals who have earned all three CIW Site Development Associate certifications have overcome more than digital literacy expertise. They also have a distinctive knowledge of Internet business, data networking, and Web site design. This certification converts Internet consumers into producers of Internet-based technologies.

Who Should Obtain CIW Site Development Associate Certification?

  • IT professionals
  • Marketing professionals
  • Web site designers
  • Graphic artists


CIW Site Development Associate 1D0–61B Exam Details

Benefits of the CIW Site Development Associate (1D0–61B) Certification

  • CIW Site Development Associate certification equips candidates with a student a robust extra advantage on their resume while allowing those in careers to promote their professional worth.
  • Professionals can gain distinct skill, or professionals aspiring to broaden their capabilities and boost their careers.
  • CIW 1D0–61B certification paves the way towards the higher-level CIW Web Design Specialist certification.
  • It also offers influential proof for potential employers of possessing the key features to evolve basic websites.
  • This certification is part of the high-stakes Web Foundations certification path; certification exams are changing to contemplate the most recent in web technologies.

The Perks of Earning a CIW Site Development Associate 1D0–61B Certification

1. Unlock Doors to Growing Field

As e-commerce remains to flourish, job opportunities for web designers and developers are projected to evolve, too. As reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, web developer job is expected to have 15% outgrowth by 2026.

2. CIW Site Development Associate Certification Sharpens Your Creative Edge

3. Working with Latest Technology

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Website designers are defined by their tools and their skill to practice those tools. If you’re someone who looks forward to learning the new tech to enhance your capability to articulate your designs, a career in web design is an amazing place to be.

4. Freelance Working


A CIW Site Development Associate certification is an excellent way to unlock doors in your professional life. You’d be in deep trouble to find someone who regrets earning one. A certificate demands a short time investment and has enduring benefits for those who receive them. The investment in a CIW 1D0–61B certification is worth all the time and hard work. There are few things a professional can do to enhance their career prospects that need such a small investment.